Le Pharmacien

DirectorFrançois Bordez
Release Date25/03/2018
SkillsMusic Composition, Sound Design, Mixing, VO Editing, Audio Post Production

I worked for 4 months on this project between September and December in 2017.

During that time, I composed the music score, added ambiences, did the whole audio post production process including VO editing, sound design and mixing. The project was done in Pro Tools. 

When François contacted me, the project was finished on all aspects except the audio. I helped him finish the project, wearing many hats on the audio side of things. It was my first short-film project and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity. 

The short-film was presented at the Fantasia Festival in Montréal on the 15th of July 2018 under the theme “Tension and action” for the “Fantastiques Week-Ends du Cinéma Québécois”.