Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Release Date26/10/2021
SkillsSound Design, Audio Implementation, Visual Scripting

I was a Sound Designer on the project for three and a half years between May 2018 and October 2021.

I arrived early in the production cycle and was there until the very end.

My expertise was the Music Implementation, Dialogue Systems, UI SFX and the Ambience Systems. I was also responsible for two whole maps in the game: Templeship and Maklu IV. Lastly, I did some Weapon SFX, Cutscenes SFX, VO processing, etc. In short, since we were a small team, we all had the chance to touch a bit of everything.

I worked daily with softwares such as Nuendo, Wwise, Dawn Engine (Eidos-Montréal’s proprietary engine), Sound Forge, Perforce, JIRA.

I collaborated with a lot of different departments, including Narrative, Animation, Level Design, Tech Design, Interactive Objects, Game Design, etc.

Sound Design Reel available upon request for potential employers. Please reach out to have access to the private link.